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We take great pride in offering the highest quality of services in the following areas:


Plan Design and Implementation
We can design plans from the very simple to the very complex and then blow your mind with our implementation process. 


Vendor Selection Assistance
A proprietary Plan Analysis Package is used to help Employers understand hidden fees, services offered and the many differences between leading retirement plan vendors.  This analysis package includes Fee Comparison, Fund Comparison, Fund Analytics, Vendor Comparisons, Proposal Summary.


Retirement Plan Fee Analysis
Hidden fees within retirement plans can be very difficult to understand. We understand from the inside out, let us pop open the hood and show you how the engine works.  It is important that employers understand all costs associated with their plan.


Creation and Maintenance of Plan Documents
The most modern day technological based document system is used by our firm.  When combining experience with the best in technology we can efficiently design and maintain plan documents at a low cost.


Annual Compliance Testing
Over 5 decades of experience and focus on our industry allows us to handle our clients compliance testing.  When it comes to rules under the DOL and IRS we are here to make sure your plan is run properly.


Government Reporting
Accurate, Efficient and Timely.  When it comes to Government reporting we have a streamlined process and take responsibility for our clients.


Fiduciary Process
Putting in place a strong, prudent fiduciary process is an important part to limiting an Employer's liability.  Acting in the best interest of the plan participants is crucial, a fiduciary process can insure this happens.


Financial Advisor Support
There is no one that works harder for Financial Advisors, plain and simple.  We understand and value the combined efforts of the Financial Advisor, Vendor and TPA.


Employee Education
Our clients utilize strong education campaigns to make sure the employees are taking full advantage of this company benefit.


Lightning Fast Loans & Distributions
Plan Design Consultants has a Loan & Distribution Team focused on nothing but fast, accurate turn around. Did we mention that they wear tight red lycra suits with a yellow lightning bolt on their chest?

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