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Remote Panelist Guide


Pink Ethernet Cable
  • Wire into your router whenever possible or be close to it.

  • Limit household use of internet during recording (Netflix streaming in another room may cause your feed to get choppy & freeze periodically).

  • Avoid connecting with more than one device (Example: Avoid using an iPhone for your webcam, but then watching it on a laptop at the same time.)


Sound Waves
  • If using built in laptop microphone, try to stay within arms length of the computer. Any further away and your audio will suffer exponentially.

  • Mute your notifications & system sounds on phones and computers.

  • Avoid listening on a separate system, this can cause an echo even when you're not speaking.  

Enviorment / Lighting

Work Station
  • Create a stable platform, as slight shaking of a camera can be dramatic to the video.

  • Use light coming from in front of your face, avoid any bright lights from behind you (If when testing it looks fine, don't worry about it.)

  • Camera at eye level, and look into the camera.

  • Sit close enough you're framed like a passport photo. 

  • Film vertical not horizontal when using a smartphone or tablet. 

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