Loans & Distributions

Plan Sponsors have the flexibility to elect how to manage the distribution procedure for the plan. The best and most secure choice is the Financial Partner's On-Line Loan and Separation of Service Distribution Solution.

The on-line loan and distribution solution has numerous controls and authentication processes to assist in preventing a fraudsters from accessing accounts and initiating loans or distributions.

How does the on-line solutions work? (steps may very slightly based on Financial Partner)

When is a Paper Form required?
Paper Forms are only required for Certain Distributions: These include:
Nationwide Clients Assets held outside a Record-keeping Portal Solution
In-Service Distribution

Attainment of Early or Normal Retirement Age
Attainment of age 59 ½
Direct Rollover Account
Qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)
Required Minimum Distribution(RMD)


When can I request Paper Forms?
Plan Sponsor can request Paper Forms any time. See below

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