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Cal Savers - When is your deadline and what are your options?

Businesses with more that 5 California based employees will soon have to facilitate CalSavers, a start mandated automatic enrollment retirement plan, or offer another qualified savings vehicle. So Accuchex has partnered with VOYA Financial and Plan Design Consultants to help you understand the Pro's, Con's and options around this approaching deadline. 

Topics Discussed:

·         What is CalSavers?

·         How does it work and what are my requirements to set this up?

·         What options and investments offered to my employees?

·         Penalties for non-compliance

·         What alternatives do I have?


Chad Johansen

Partner & Director of Consulting

Plan Design Consultants, Inc.

P: (650) 425-7914

Bill Hayward, MBA
Regional Vice President
Voya Financial
Tel: 408-410-9138

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