J.D. Carlson
A former professional surfer and now focused entrepreneur. Proud and motivated to take this his family's company to new levels, he lives, breathes and sleeps retirement plans.  He is leading PDC's charge of becoming a new kind of TPA that is disrupting the status quo and inventing a better client/advisor experience.


Chad Johansen
Sales Consultant

PDC could not dream up a better representative for our Client and Advisor partners.  Simply said, the very best retirement plan consultant in the Bay Area.  Helping Plan Sponsors and Advisors navigate the complex world of retirement plans with a smart, easy and awesome approach.


Justin MacNeil
Sales Consultant

Justin is rockin' smart.easy.awesome in our Southern California territory, horrible weather down there. He supports our Client and Advisor partners. A big part of the PDC Family, a Green Bay Packers fan and a dedicated consultant.   



Mark Palmini
Sales Consultant

Mark covers the South Bay, Monterey, Santa Cruz areas. He supports our Client and Advisor partners. He is a true PDCer and knows the ins and outs of PDC and overall retirement plan design. 


Paul Carlson

Paul Carlson founded our company in 1975. His attention to detail has remained with the firm today.  Many PDCers look to him for guidance and he is referred to as OB1 Konobe.


Houry Viola
Vice President of Administration

Houry leads our operations and compliance efforts.  She has been with PDC for over 25 years.  She is a walking encyclopedia of retirement rules and regulations.  She manages our team of Administrators, she really knows her stuff!



Isela Perez
Operations Manager
Isela is the architect of our internal operations.  She is passionate about creating an easier client experience. Designing a system that strikes the proper balance between high quality work and client ease and effeciency.



Lena Yoshida
Client Account Manager
Lena was our first choice when we created the role of Client Account Manager. As she is the master of the 'zero inbox' and has a natural drive to solve problems as they arise.  



Teresita Stachelek
Client Account Manager
Teresita is cheerful and helpful to a level you don't encounter enough in this world, which make her perfectly suited working with people to get them what they need. 


Ryan Johansen
Internal Sales Support



Araceli Lopez-Porras
Loans & Distributions



Lance Meyers
Implementation Specialist