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 E-mail pdccensus@plandesign.com with any questions or concerns and a real life census pro will get right back to you. The Census Team can also be reached directly at 650.375.2366


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A few frequently asked questions:


How should I return the completed Census collection spreadsheet?

Use our secure upload system to protect the data and ensure receipt:

1: Complete the online Plan Reporting Questionnaire.
2: Fill out Census spreadsheet and save on your computer for future retrieval.
3: Got to www.plandesign.com/upload and use 'Census Collection Team'
4: Complete Contact Information and follow instructions to attach your Census by selecting 'Select files to send (Regular Upload)' button.  If you click the box for 'Notify me when the files have been downloaded' you will receive an email confirming download/receipt of your files.
5: Click the File #1 'Choose File' button and find the Census you saved on your computer and submit.


What is the year end Plan Reporting Questionnaire and Census Collection Spreadsheet?
Once a year, just after your plan year ends, Plan Design Consultants, Inc. will need to gather certain information and census data to complete your plan’s necessary compliance and administration work. To gather this information we send a Census Collection email to a contact at your firm. It involves two main parts PART ONE: Online Plan Reporting Questionnaire PART TWO: Census Collection Spreadsheet.


What is the IMPORTANT TIMING involved in the year end Plan Reporting Questionnaire and Census Collection Spreadsheet?
We ask that completed census be returned to the Census Collection Team within 30 days after your Plan Year End. There are several Plan Year End deadlines that need to be met in order to comply with IRS and DOL regulations.


Can I send/submit this information to any contact at PDC?
For our client's benefit we require all clients to submit this information only through the Secure Upload to the Census Collection Team. We have provided step by step instructions at the top of the page. If you submit through any other medium, or to any recipient other than the Census Collection Team you will receive an email informing you to resubmit through the Secure Upload tool.


What happens if I do not complete within the 30 day requirement?

In order to ensure your plan’s continued compliance with the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor regulations, Plan Design Consultants must receive a complete and accurate Plan Reporting Questionnaire and Census Spreadsheet form no later 30 days after your Plan Year End. Please be aware, if your plan is subject to ADP/ACP compliance testing and your plan fails to satisfy these tests, contributions may need to be returned to certain plan participants. The deadline for returning these “excess contributions” is 2 ½ months after the Plan Year End. Any excess contribution returned after this deadline is subject to a 10% excise tax by the Internal Revenue Service. This excise tax is payable by the Plan Sponsor. Plan Design Consultants cannot insure these deadlines will be met if complete data if not submitted by the 30 day deadline.


What happens if I do not complete the census or submit in proper format?
If your Census Collection spreadsheet is not 100% complete or not in proper electronic format we will reach back out to you via email to let you know that you will need to resubmit. We will not begin Plan Year End Compliance work until complete data is received in a way we can imported into our system.  

Terminated and Rehired employees?
It is very important to include all employees that were employed during the plan year. Upon providing us your Plan Year End Census, we read it into a system that checks the data against what was provided the year before. If an employee was on the previous census and not on the current one, PDC will assume this employee is terminated and input a default date to the last day of the previous plan year. This could result in an employee not receiving a match or profit sharing contribution. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide all employees who worked during the plan year.

Alternatively, if an employee is on the Plan Year End Census with compensation and hours but was terminated in a previous year PDC will assume that the person is rehired and will default to a first day of the plan year date. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide all employees and rehire dates during the plan year.


What are there are several columns on the census spreadsheet that are not applicable to my plan?
This is because PDC utilizes a standard format spreadsheet for all clients. This means you only have to complete the columns that are applicable to your plan. The columns in ORANGE are applicable to all plans regardless of type and should be completed by all clients.

As an example: If your plan is a salary deferral only plan with no employer matching contribution, then you would not need to complete the columns titled Safe Harbor, Employer Match or Employer Profit Sharing. If you have questions about which of the columns are applicable to your plan, you can contact your Client Account Manager for assistance.


Can you help me better understand the column titled Eligibility Hours?
Plan Design Consultants offers a broad range of retirement plan types and customized design. Many of our clients have special custom eligibility hour requirements.  As an example as plan may have a 500 hour in 6 month requirement, this means that a participant must complete 500 hours within the 6 month eligibility to become eligible for the retirement plan.  An employee that works 6 months for the company but only worked 350 hours would not be eligible to participant in the retirement plan. Other examples of customized Eligibility Hours requirements are: 250 hours in 3 months, 500 hours in 6 months, 83 hours in 1 months and 1000 hours in 12 months.  It is also important to understand that in many documents when an employee does not reach the special hour requirement initially, a second eligibility check of 1000 hours within the first 12 months should be used.  Example: In a plan with 3 months and 250 hours requirement if an employee works only 200 hours in their first three months of employment they would not be eligible for the plan, however if you then were to look at the employees first 12 months of employment and this same employee worked 1000 hours in that period they would have reached eligibility for the plan. If you have questions or want to understand your plan's specific eligibility requirements, contact the Census Collection Team or your Client Account Manager.


Why can't I edit the files when I open them and/or my Office toolbars are missing?
Most likely this is the age old problem of the internet browser opening files in a preview mode. We sometimes have this problem ourselves when downloading Office files online. There are many variations of what causes this kind of issue, and too many for us to properly articulate even if we knew what they all were. However, what we found is the most expedient and likely solution is to go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/162059/en-us and run the fix Microsoft has designed for this particular problem. The other work around (for Internet Explorer, can be to right click on the link to the file you're having trouble with, and 'Save target as..." to save it some place you can find it and open it directly with the Office program.